Welcome to the quick and dirty information page for the OpenSxDL project.


OpenSxDL is initially a GNU/Linux port of SxDL. The goal of SxDL is to offer a game oriented programming library with which projects are easily started, without having to go through the harsh step of hardware initializing and such.

The idea of OpenSxDL is the same thing, only on a different plateform. It may even be ported to MacOS-X (some quick tests have be done).

And now ?


Mouse picking on Vexed works !


Vexed does not crash anymore, but still needs mouse picking. Some work has been made on the sound and the particles have now correct speeds.

Buggy Progress meter : 95%. But considering what's in the last 5%, I guess the release will be made before 100%, letting speed improvements for a second release. A good goal could be : a working Vexed and a documentation on how to build a OpenSxDL project.


OpenSxDL is running in slow motion. Both contributors have a lot of (other) work. This is the "we're almost touching the first release" syndrom. Vexed now has its resources, but crashes after the introduction screen.


Some modifications here and there. The first release should be soon now.

Buggy Progress meter : 94%.


Pastels now loads the tilemap from the texture. It only lacks the FFT, but the lines are displayable.

Buggy Progress meter : 89%.


Some polish on various parts. PacMan now works, but with some timing problems we're investigating. Stats like FPS are now displayable. Picking is implemented, but not tested. Pastels demo is half ported.

Buggy Progress meter : 82%.


PacMan has been added to the demo tree. It almost works : there is still a background problem (or so it seems).

Buggy Progress meter : 69%.


04-04-04 Day !

Snake demo is now more complete, with Iso mode and tilemap change on collide working. Tilemap is still lacking some loading mode to make Snake 100% complete.

Buggy Progress Meter : 66%.


Percent per percent. The log system has been added. Now, OpenSxDL speaks to you in a nice, formatted way.

Buggy Progress Meter : 63%.


This week was calm. "Snake" has now a full-window start picture, splash screen is displayed correctly when the window is smaller than the picture (this bug appeared in "Bounce") and tilemap are no more displayed when the are not enabled. With some other small work on tilemap, "Snake" is now playable in 2D mode with a random tilemap.

Buggy Progress Meter : 62%.


OpenSxDL now can write in english, french and some japanese (probably with mistakes, that what mainly to test international font display). "Bomber" and "Snake" have been ported. As you can see in the screenshots, "Snake" is buggy. The snake picture should extend on the whole window, and the game field is not there (iso3d rendering is not implemented yet).

Buggy Progress Meter : 61% (I told you, a big gap in results may not be a huge amount for the Buggy Progress Meter).


Now there are inputs, menus, texts,... So you can play the Bounce demo now. Buggy Progress Meter : 59%.

Ported demos are "Hello World", "Spinning Sprites", "Fireworks" and "Bounce". All of them are working (but probably not without bugs).


Bounce demo is started. But as there are no input system yet, you can't go past the intro screen. Buggy Progress Meter : 34%.


For the progress meter, I use a buggy method which considers the ratio between methods in SxDL and already ported methods in OpenSxDL. It's wrong, as it doesn't take into account that some methods are trivially ported (pure virtual methods of SxDL class for example) and some others need all an underlying system. Now that you know it's wrong, here it is. Progess of port : 29%.

Ported demos are "Hello World" (from the tutorials), "Spinning Sprites" (working) and "Fireworks" (it lacks inputs to be fully ported).


There are no files at now, you have to test the whole thing via the CVS and, of course, know what you're doing. There's some documentation in the... docs directory. To build OpenSxDL, you need an OpenGL implementation (let's say... Mesa), SDL and Pango. You also need a working GCC. To generate the automatic documentation, you need Doxygen and Graphviz.


Latest screenshots (2004-04-04)

Bomber :

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Bounce :

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Fireworks :

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

PacMan :

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Screenshot Screenshot

Snake :

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Spinning Sprites :

Screenshot Screenshot

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